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Ottawa Gunman Identified As Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Ottawa Gunman Identified As Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

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The gunman in a fatal shooting that rocked Ottawa on Wendesday has been identified.
Canadian officials told the AP that the shooter, who killed a soldier and wounded two other people near the Canadian Parliament building, is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, was from Quebec and had recently converted to Islam, U.S. sources told Reuters. According to the Globe and Mail, he had been designated a "high-risk traveler" by Canadian officials and was barred from traveling outside the country.
After police chased him inside the Parliament building, Zehaf-Bibeau was killed by Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers.
Witnesses told the AP that Zehaf-Bibeau was wearing a scarf over his face when he opened fire in front of the Canadian War Memorial, which is across the street from Parliament.
The Canadian Broadcast Company released an image purported to be of the gunman:
An Ottawa police spokesman told HuffPost that the police were looking for at least one other suspect. However, in a press conference later on Wednesday, officials declined to say if there were multiple possible shooters.
Wednesday's shooting quickly sparked terrorism fears. Just two days earlier, a Quebec man suspected of ties to radical Islam killed one soldier and wounded another with his car before being killed by police. As Reuters pointed out, Martin Couture-Rouleau, the attacker, was one of 90 people being monitored by Canadian national police over extremist beliefs.
Earlier this month, NBC News reported that the Canadian government was monitoring "hundreds of people" that it suspected could be planning to join ISIS. Anonymous officials told NBC that they were aware of several threats from ISIS supporters, but they said that none were substantial.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly that the suspect behind an attack earlier this week was Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The actual suspect was Martin Couture-Rouleau, according to Reuters.


I swear to Christ almighty, if a person flapped their arms fast enough and hovered a few inches off the ground KC would tax it, steal it, sell it to the highest bidder and toss the founder out on his ass, so much for entrepreneur ship in KC .. what a pack of idiots and this fat fuck wants to be the first what ? to change 2nd amendment as well? they should parade him around in a diaper on a tricycle during parades, what a fucked up mayor this is"

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Mormons address mystery surrounding undergarments ap

Mormons address mystery surrounding undergarments


10/22/2014 10:18 AM 

 10/22/2014 10:18 AM


The Mormon church is addressing the mystery that has long surrounded undergarments worn by its faithful with a new video explaining the practice in-depth while admonishing ridicule from outsiders about what it considers a symbol of Latter-day Saints' devotion to God.

The four-minute video on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' website compares the white, two-piece cotton "temple garments" to holy vestments worn in other religious faiths such as a Catholic nun's habit or a Muslim skullcap.

The footage is part of a recent effort by the Salt Lake City-based religion to explain, expand or clarify on some of the faith's more sensitive beliefs. Articles posted on the church's website in the past two years have addressed the faith's past ban on black men in the lay clergy; its early history of polygamy; and the misconception that members are taught they'll get their own planet in the afterlife.

The latest video dispels the notion that Latter-day Saints believe temple garments have special protective powers, a stereotype perpetuated on the Internet and in popular culture by those who refer to the sacred clothing as "magical Mormon underwear."

"These words are not only inaccurate but also offensive to members," the video says. "There is nothing magical or mystical about temple garments, and church members ask for the same degree of respect and sensitivity that would be afforded to any other faith by people of goodwill."

The video and accompanying article feature more detailed information about the garments than has ever before been released to the public, Mormon scholars say.

It was made to fill a void on the Internet, which has little, if any, accurate information about the undergarments, church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in a statement.

The video, also available on YouTube, explains that the undergarments are worn daily by devout adult Latter-day Saints as a reminder of their commitment to God to live good, honorable lives.

The garments, which resemble a T-shirt and shorts, are shown laid out on a table in what marks a rare public glimpse at clothing that normally is hidden from outsiders. Members are taught not to hang the garments in public places to dry or display them in view of people "who do not understand their significance."

The video comes two years after jabs about the undergarments were lobbed at Mitt Romney in 2012 with the intent to damage his candidacy as the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major political party.

At one point during the campaign, New York Times columnist Charles Blow tweeted, "I'm a single parent and my kids are amazing! Stick that in your magic underwear," after Romney decried the country's rate of out-of-wedlock births.

The video's focus on the offensiveness of flippant remarks about the undergarments shows the church no longer will tolerate them, Armand Mauss, a retired professor of sociology and religious studies at Washington State University.

The church has some 15 million members worldwide.

Latter-day Saints seem pleased by the refreshing transparency from the church on a topic that has been the source of much curiosity among outsiders, some whom are rude about it, said Jana Riess, who blogs about Mormonism for the Religion News Service.

She wrote this week that she hopes the footage will "persuade gawkers that there's nothing to see here, folks."

"They now have something official to point to if people ask questions," Riess said in an interview. "I love that they put it on YouTube for the entire world to see. I think that's very brave."



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, http://bit.ly/11O8Hmq

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Amaing: Old pictures from Pakistan

Subject: Old pictures from Pakistan


Pakistan - historic photos.
Rutten Bai Petit around the time she married Jinnah in 1918. Born a Parsi, on her 18th birthday and left her father's mansion with two pets only to marry Jinnah. Exactly eleven years later she was died of abdominal cancer. Jinnah never married again and died a lonely man. Known as the nightingale of Bombay , Ruttie died on her 29th birthday on 20 February 1929
Miss Dina Jinnah - beloved daughter of Mr Jinnah. Born on 15 August 1919 she turned 91 in August 2010
Jawaharlal and Kamala Nehru on their wedding
Subhas Chandra Bose with Mr Jinnah
An ICS officer from Bengal , S C Bose (1897-1945) resigned from service and was twice elected president of the Congress but had to quit due to ideological differences with Gandhi and Nehru. He later became President of the Indian National Army during World War II. He travelled to Germany but disillusioned with Hitler, he moved to Japan and fought for the independence of India from British rule. Here he is seen in a meeting with Mr Jinnah. Bose commonly known as Netaji in India is believed to have died in an air crash on 18 August 1945 over Taiwan but his death is shrouded in mystery. He may have died as a Russian PoW in Siberia .
Mountbatten negotiating with the Founder. Due to the text below this photograph, the book Freedom At Midnight is technically 'banned' in Pakistan ever since its publication more than 30 years ago. They titled the picture " Pakistan 's improbable prophet"
The Founding Fathers attend the Round Table Conference, 1930. Mr Jinnah is second from right in the front row and Sir Zafrullah Khan is second from the left. The Ali brothers are also there, while Begum Shahnawaz sits next to Sir Zafarullah Khan.
The 6/3 Plan - Nehru, Mountbatten and Jinnah. On 3 June 1947 all the Indian leaders got together and put their seal on the Partition Plan. Seated by the map on the wall is Lord Ismay, Mountbatten's Chief of Staff who probably tampered with the Radcliffe Award and gave Gurdaspur to India to keep the two new countries in a perpetual state of war over Kashmir till eternity!
For 3 days only Mountbatten, Ismay and Abel (Private Secretary to Viceroy) had access to the Radcliffe Award before it was announced amidst bloodshed on 15 August 1947. Both Muslim members of the Punjab Boundary Commission Justice Din Mohammed (later Governor of Sindh) and Justice Munir (later Chief Justice of Pakistan) denied that this was the award they had agreed to. When Sir Cyril Radcliffe was sent his cheque of 2,000 pounds as the fee for services rendered, he simply tore it up. Need more be said !!.
A map of British Indian states
The map of Pakistan proposed by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
What Mr Jinnah actually got. He called it a 'moth eaten' Pakistan , but agreed to it
Karachi welcomes Mr Jinnah in 1943. A plane monitors the situation on McLeod Road , Karachi
Mr Jinnah deliberating whether or not to pluck a rose. He had a dream - we all combined to mess it up
Mr Jinnah with a black Doberman and West Highland Terrier in Bombay during the forties
Mr Jinnah's first and last birthday in Pakistan - 25 December 1947. Reading about the felicitations on his birthday in the 'Dawn'. The headline says '71 today' The main headline is a statement given by Sindh Prime Minister Khuhro and reads 'Khuhro doesn't want Hindus to leave Sind '.
Mohamed Ali Jinnah on the cover of Time Magazine in 1946
Jinnah and Liaquat - Uneasy relations?
The Founder takes the salute, 14 August 1947. His ADCs include Gul Hassan Khan later the last C-in-C of the Pakistan Army and Syed M Ahsan C-in-C of the Pakistan Navy and Governor of East Pakistan
Prince Karim Aga Khan disembarking from a PIA flight during the fifties
Two Sardars - Sherbaz Mazari with Akber Bugti, 1954
WHERE THE ROT STARTED :Justice Munir deals a death blow to Pakistan . When Governor General Ghulam Muhammed dismissed the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in 1954, the Sindh Chief Court declared his action ultra vires of the constitution. However under a lure of Deputy governor General ship offered to Justice Munir he validated the order under the Doctrine of Necessity and dealt a death blow to the judiciary. Subsequently sodomy cases were filed against the honourable judges of the Sindh Chief Court , who ruled against the Governor General
Comrades in Arms - Four Future Air Force Chiefs in the Royal Air Force. Seen in the picture are Air Chief Marshal Mehra Indian CAS from 1973 to 1976, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, Air Marshal Nur Khan and Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry. While Asghar Khan opted for politics after retirement and never cared for power, Nur Khan was Deputy CMLA, Minister for all the Social Sectors and Governor of West Pakistan. Like Asghar Khan and Nur Khan, Zafar Chaudhry also headed the PIA before heading the PAF
Three trusted comrades of Ayub Khan. Air Marshal Nur Khan, Gen Musa and Vice Admiral A R Khan headed the three services during most of Ayub's rule.
A young Air Marshal Nur Khan
Gen Ayub Khan - Prime Minister for 13 hours. Gen Ayub Khan was appointed Chief Martial Law Administrator on 7 October 1958. 20 days later President Iskander Mirza appointed him as Prime Minister and he is seen presiding over a Cabinet meeting. 13 hours after his appointment, Mirza was deposed and Ayub Khan became the second President of the country. To his left civilian Deputy CMLA Mr Aziz Ahmed fixes his knot while Generals Azam, Burki and Sheikh, Manzur Qadir and 29-year old Z A Bhutto look on.
Ayub Khan signing the Tashkent Agreement in 1966. Commerce Minister Ghulam Faruque, Foreign Minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Foreign Secretary Aziz Ahmed look on. Prime Minister Shastri died the same night of a heart attack. A member of Pakistan entourage woke up the Foreign Minister and told him on the telephone, "The bastard is dead". Still in his sleep Bhutto asked, "Which one?"
Ayub Khan's dejection may be seen more in his slumped posture, because his dark glasses hide much of what he may have been feeling. ZAB's carefully orchestrated aloofness, his sullen detachment from the "peace-making" charade, and his pensive 'head-down' posture, were meticulously executed by him with his eye on the launch of his leadership role in the near future.
Third President of Pakistan 1969-1971. Deposed and placed under house arrest
President Yahya Khan arrives in Mohenjodaro Airport in January 1971. Mr Bhutto received him
Remembering Zaibunissa Hamidullah 1921-2000
Zaibunnissa Hamidullah was a pioneer amongst women journalists of South Asia . A column writer for English newspapers, including Dawn, Zaibunnissa launched Pakistan 's first woman's weekly in English, "The Mirror". Even though a socialite magazine, it often created ripples by its strong political editorials critical of the policies and actions of the rulers of the day in a language and style that at times earned her the wrath of the wielders of power. The power of her pen rattled Ayub Khan when she lashed out at him for elevating himself to the rank of Field Marshal, and in November 1957, his predecessor Iskander Mirza, shut the paper down for six months when the Mirror flayed him for dismissing the Suhrawardy Ministry. The paper was read as much for its social content as for the biting sarcasm and wit that characterized the writings of its editor. The magazine closed down in 1972 after twenty-one years of struggle against authoritarian trends in our politics and bigotry and fanaticism in society. The sting in her writings earned her quite a few enemies, but even her detractors admired her for the courage of conviction and the strength of character she displayed throughout her professional and personal life.
Sir Abdullah Haroon with his daughter Doulat Haroon
Friends turned Foes - Sherbaz Mazari with Z A Bhutto in 1959
Z A Bhutto with Indira Gandhi in the lush lawns of Simla 1972 negotiations
Zeba and Waheed Murad. The most popular couple of Pakistan 's film history seen here in the movie 'Armaan' in 1966
For those who may remember the Bristol Hotel Karchi was constructed by a Welshman in 1910 near the Cantonment Railway Station-Karachi, parallel to the rail tracks between Karachi Cantt and Karachi City Railway Station. It is in close proximity to the current location of the British Council. Initially a Tavern & Bistro for the affluent ones..mostly the high echelons and army officials under the British Raj of early 1900s. The hotel was also mostly the venue of the most talked about New Year parties, May Queen Ball and wedding parties and became the most popular place of Kolachi or Kurracchee then which continued till the late fifties when the Welshmen's son Grout, left for UK selling it to a Pakistani namely Mr Rizvi, an income tax officer in 1960. At that time, Karachi had hardly a few hotels, which were worth a stay; Metropole, Palace, Beach Luxury, Grand, Excelsior, Taj…with Intercontinental (now PC) commencing its operations in May 1961. Mr. Rizvi maintained the grandeur of BRISTOL and it's BAR and particularly it's cuisine, which was probably the best in Karachi attracting people from far and wide. The New Year Parties and May Queen Ball continued with the same fervor and glamour. During the sixites the price tag of NYP entry for a couple was Rs.300 - a small fortune in those days. The Bristol continued to attract affluent Karachi-ites for it's cuisine, large rooms, lush green lawns with Saturday Night Discos and Night Club with groups from Thailand, Germany and France were in attendance later adopted by the Minwallas of Metropole for their ever popular SAMAR night club and dine out of the seventies. The BRISTOL Hotel breathed it's last when it was attacked by some dacoits and Mr. Rizvi suffering injuries in 1994 which re-occurred and within six months. Mr Rizvi was virtually forced to call it quits. The building of the hotel, however, remains as a home now. It is said that the American movie star Donna Reed stayed at Bristol sometime in 1961 during her overnight visit to Karachi enroute to Cairo on the arrangement by PAN AMERICAN airlines which used to house it's crew at Malir's GRAND Hotel of Minwallas, near Karachi Stargate Airport of 1935. Picture and details courtesy of Mr Naveed Riaz





About The Author - My Family Survival PlanMy Family Survival Plan

About The Author - My Family Survival PlanMy Family Survival Plan: "
If you`ve landed on this site five minutes ago, you`ve probably already figured out some of my interests: preparedness, U.S. politics, DIY, health and food security. Just reading the titles of the articles I post here is enough to get what subjects make me tick.

However, I must confess something. The idea of creating this site has a more selfish origin, which also reveals the #1 on my interests list: my family. I swear I would do ANYTHING to protect them and make them happy. My wife Ana and my two boys, David and Andrew, are the world to me. When I nearly lost them in a fire 6 years ago, I became this survival fanatic who dreamed of living in a water-proof, fire-proof and unbreakable plastic bubble, together with his family.

I`m not that person anymore. I`m more relaxed now, but that`s only because I know I`m prepared for anything. But when I look around and I see Americans are ten times more relaxed than I am, but not because they`re prepped to the teeth… but because they`re simply ignorant… I`m thinking they might use a daily dose of good, old paranoia, just to open their eyes to what`s going on in the U.S.

And that`s why I created this site. To help Americans see beyond the pink lenses of their glasses. Well, that didn`t work out that well. And I`m actually glad it didn`t. Because what I`ve created here is even more important: the MyFamilySurvivalPlan community. Made of people interested in the same issues, people who love their families more than anything in the world, who want to protect their kids and their homes and who want to see this country change into better. And I want to thank you for being part of this community. People like you are the ones I write for."

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Fwd: Mosques Thank Neighbors | Community Clinics | More - Oct. 21, 2014

ALL 5 Council members (Thousand Oaks) came to www.iccv.org this Sun; 4 campaigned (Jackie 4 Assembly) yet despite my invitation NONE of the contenders with small budgets made it; your loss! 100+ voters many never approached by candidates!!
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In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim - In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful 

 Islamic Shura Council of So Cal

October 21, 2014 | 27 Dhul Hijjah 1435H

Newsletter Issue # 301 


" [All] praise is [due] to God , to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and to Him belongs [all] praise in the Hereafter. And He is the Wise, the Acquainted." ~ Qur'an 34:1



Mosques thank their Neighbors

 The Shura Council thanks more than twenty eight of its member Mosques who hosted thousands of fellow southern Californians this past weekend at the annual Open Mosque Day. While we gather details from the participating Mosques we like to thank all the visitors who were able to avail Open Mosque Day. Click here to view photos from some of the participating Mosques.

One visitor wrote this ... "I LOVED the presentation and LEARNED so much. We left knowing that we share many beliefs with the Islamic faith and feeling great admiration for and fellowship with the Muslim community." (Jan H.)




The Shura Council applauds UMMA Community Clinic  for providing free health care to Los Angeles, especially at a time when America is home to 48 million poor. Muslims can take pride in establishing similar free health care services offered by Al-Shifa Free Clinicmobile clinic by ICNA Relief  and newly established Crescent Clinic.

The Shura Council congratulates Al-Nur Islamic Center for organizing an outreach event in collaboration with the Ontario Public Library. Click here to read the story.

The Shura Council urges the community to avail an important educational event on Nov. 2nd organized by the Institute of Knowledge.

We invite the community to calendar Nov. 15th for the 2nd annual symposium on California Jails and Muslim Inmates. Click here to RSVP or call us at 714.373.6473.

The Shura Council joins people of faith across the spectrum and calls for a stop to mass incarceration. Click here for details on the ills of mass incarceration. 

A newly released powerful documentary reveals a sample of family tragedies as a result of the US policy toward Muslims. 





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 Oct. 24

> Is the FBI your Friend? Debate at IIOC in Anaheim.

> For the Children in Gaza, benefit in Orange.

 Oct. 25

> Stand for One Night seminar in Corona.

> Restoring Hope, Transforming Lives banquet in Garden Grove.

 Oct. 26

> Welcome back Hajjis and Hajjahs picnic in Orange.

 Oct. 31

> Legacy of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, tribute and dinner in Garden Grove.

 Nov. 1

> Hope is a Beautiful Thing, benefit dinner in Anaheim

 Nov. 2

> Divine Direction: Steering a Middle Course day-long conference in Anaheim.

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